Extended Uncertainty in Cognitive and Adaptive Systems Lab (EUCAS)

The EUCAS lab is led by Henry Brighton and located in the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Our goal is to advance the understanding of cognitive and adaptive systems by examining how theories, models, and organisms cope with extended uncertainty conditions.

Our research cuts across disciplinary divisions to investigate fundamental questions in the study of rationality, decision science, linguistic theory, economic theory, and evolutionary and adaptive systems. We use of machine learning techniques, statistical modeling, and laboratory and online experiments with human participants to explore these issues.

Please see the Research section for details about our approach and research contributions, and the Publications section for information about specific publications.

The EUCAS Lab recieves funding from KPN in collaboration with The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) and the Technical University of Eindhoven.


15th March 2019

New working paper open for public peer review in Economics E-Journal

1st October 2018

Henry Brighton talks at Rebuilding Macroeconomics, HM Treasury, London.

July 17th 2017

Henry Brighton interviewed by US National Public Radio on medical decision making and Google search results.

March 4th 2017

Henry Brighton interviewed by Quartz magazine on human rationality.

April 8th 2016

Tête-à-tête Berlin interviews Henry Brighton.

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